This product from Yugoslavia can be bought in Banja Luka!

banja lukaSmall store in the Banja Luka area “Laus” could soon be a popular spot for Yugonostalgic people because of the selling of wipes with the “Made in Yugoslavia” declaration.

This “antique” can be purchased for 20 pfennigs, and given the fact that it appeared in the store proved that what is produced in Yugoslavia can last for 30 years.

“Packed in a cellophane, with pre-war company logo and a very strange smell, wipes are probably almost three decades stored in a warehouse” – says one woman, a resident of Banja Luka that morning bought wipes and stunned when she looked at the declaration.

In the same market, wipes have outlived Yugoslavia, but also factory “Celex” in which they produced.

celex maramice yugoslavia

(Sorce: fokus)

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