Princeton University Students in Visit the Court of BiH

A group of 5 students of the Princeton University, United States of America visited today the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The students are paying a study visit to Bosnia and Herzegovina within which they wanted to learn first-hand about the results of the work of the Court of BIH, particularly Section I for War Crimes.

During the visit to the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the students had an opportunity to talk to representatives of the Public Information and Outreach Section and Legal Department of the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina.  The students had expressed a great interest by asking numerous questions about the organization, structure and specific characteristics of the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

During the visit, the students also watched footage of the hearing in the war crimes case in which they had an opportunity to see a witness examination.

At the end of the visit, the students were encouraged to learn about the Court’s daily activities on its official website.

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