Primorac: BiH to become an Important Part of Air Traffic System in Europe

primoracOn the conference that will be held on the 8th of March in Madrid, EUROCONTROL’s network manager and representatives of six European countries will present the Concept of theFree Routes Airspace and give concrete examples of its implementation in countries of Central and Southeastern Europe.

“Free route airspace is a specific airspace within which users can plan their routes between the defined entry and exit points of this space, with the possibility of planning over a joint point, not depending on the route network of air traffic, but considering the availability of airspace. Flights are still under the responsibility of air traffic control within this airspace,” said Davorin Primorac, The Agency for providing air navigation services in BiH (BHANSA).

This project of the free route airspace is part of the initiative of the European Union “Single European Sky”, which is aimed at improvement of safety and efficiency, as well as the increase of the capacity throughout Europe. Primorac said that with participation in this process, BiH shows that it is becoming an important part of the system of air traffic in Europe.

Perspective routes will be presented at the meeting in Madrid, and they will analyze how users of airspace gradually adapt their systems for the planning of flights in order to fully use the potential of free routes.

The workshop will end with the signing of the Memorandum of Cooperation for a new Joint Initiative of the Southeast Europe (SECSI). At the meeting in Madrid will be presented the Single European Sky (SES) awards, and among the nominated projects is the regional project SEAFRA that covers the cross-border application of the concept of free route airspace in the four countries of Southeast Europe. BHANSA is the carrier of this project on behalf of BiH.

(Source: NV)

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