Prices of Gasoline to increase in BiH?

The prices of oil on the world market has risen again, and new price increases are expected soon at petrol stations in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

For instance, the price of gasoline has risen in Croatia last week and costs HRK 10.10 per liter, or 2.61 BAM. The average price of gasoline in BiH is 2,20 BAM.

Although the price of diesel decreased in Croatia, which currently costs 9.82 HRK, or 2.53 BAM, there is no price reduction in BiH.

The president of the International Transport Association or Republika Srpska Nikola Grbic told Dnevni Avaz that it is realistic to expect gasoline prices in BiH to increase.

“As we greatly depend on the import of oil and oil products from Croatia and the surrounding countries because the refinery in Bosanska Brod is not working, it is expected for prices to increase,” explains Grbic.

According to him, every next increase is a major blow to BH companies engaged in the transportation of people and goods.

“The price of oil is mainly ranging from 2.24 BAM to 2.47 BAM. That’s still too expensive. It is a high price for our market and our working conditions. I claim that the price of gasoline and diesel above 1.60 BAM is too high,” Grbic added.

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