Presented the Film “Wolf”, the Last One of the Competition Program

vuk 1By: Nevena Šarenac

The presentation of the films in the Competition program of 19th Sarajevo Film Festival has ended today with the press screening of the film Vuk” (Wolf) of the Romanian director Bogdan Mustata, and this film is at the official program tonight at the National Theater in Sarajevo.

The main roles in this film are played by Mihail Vasilescu, Ada Condeescu and Costel Cascaval.

The film is a story of the fantasy of more people about other people and the reality and fantasy overlap.

The Director Bogdan Mustata after today’s press screening of the film said that the writing of the script took quite long time, since 2008, while the shooting began in 2011 and lasted for one year and a half.

Before the shooting, as he said, was a lot of preparatory recording and the script is adjusted even during the work.

All the actors are different, as well as their experiences. Each role is different, and we have passed through the preparations with every actor separately. For a long time we have been looking for an adequate actor for the characterWolf”. Mihail back then was 16 years old and had no experience in the film, except in the school‘s acting group“, he explained at the press conference.

For actress Ada Condeescu the work on this film was of a big challenge because the role was completely different from the films she has played so far.

So far I have always played characters derived from real life, and now the characters are from the fantasy, and yet are part of the real world. I wanted to achieve the impression that I am unreal and a character of fantasy. It was a very interesting and challenging process to achieve of that“, she stated.

The actor Mihail Vasilescu said he had a very nice experience working on this film, noting that he really liked the situations in which it was placed by the director.

For me, this was a totally new experience. I think the wolf was actually me, that is how I created this character, I based it on myself“, he explained.

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