Presentation of the survey results on the situation of children and women in BiH

On Tuesday,in Sarajevo, there will be a presentation of results  of The “Multiple Indicators Cluster Survey – MICS” is designed to collect statistically sound and internationally comparable estimates on key indicators in the areas of health, education and child protection. Like in previous editions, the survey has been conducted in the whole country and is representative for the mainstream population. All data collected is gender disaggregated, which is important as it shows some gender differences significant for better targeting. For the first time, MICS also included a special component on Roma to collect representative data on Roma households in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

From November 2011 till April 2012, almost 7,500 households were interviewed in all parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina, including 1544 Roma households.

In Bosnia and Herzegovina, MICS was first conducted as part of the 2nd global round of surveys (MICS2) in 1999/2000, and for the second time as part of the 3rd round (MICS3) in 2005/06. This will be the third edition but the first one with a special sample on Roma populations.

Results of the “Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey – MICS for Bosnia and Herzegovina” and “Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey – MICS for Roma population in Bosnia and Herzegovina” will be presented on Tuesday 19. February 2013, in Hotel Bristol in Sarajevo, at 11,00. Journalists are invited to attend this event.

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