Preparation of Reception Center for Refugees is taking place in Bihac

The number of refugees in the Una-Sana Canton has been recording a steady increase during the last few months, and the preparation of the reception center in the former dormitory is currently taking place. Foreign citizens should have adequate conditions for their temporary stay in that center.

The only help to refugees in Bihac was provided by some non-governmental organizations and individuals for a long period of time, and the local Red Cross is taking care of them now. Currently, the renovation of the former dormitory in Boric is taking place, and foreign citizens should find their temporary accommodation there.

“We prepare between 130-140 meals per day on average, and we expect the number of refugees to be increased with the improvement of the conditions in this facility. A large number of non-governmental and humanitarian organizations, companies, as well as citizens are giving a large contribution when it comes to food for these people,” said Selam Midzic from the Red Cross.

He also noted that all the works should be completed in the following 10 to 15 days.

He added that they are communicating with refugees through info stands while sharing meals, as well as through regular visits to several facilities in Bihac where refugees are staying during the night.

According to data from the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Una-Sana Canton, there are about 650 foreign nationals – refugees currently staying in this canton, and most of them are located in Bihac and Velika Kladusa.

“There is an evident increase in the number of refugees in USC especially in the area of Velika Kladusa and Bihac, and the main reason for that is the proximity of the border crossings with Croatia and EU. There are about 650 foreign nationals – refugees and they are mostly coming from Syria, Afghanistan, Palestine, Iraq, Tunisia, Morocco and other countries of the Middle East,” as stated from the MIA USC.

(Source: M. C./Klix.ba)


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