Premiere of “Tramvaj” in Sarajevo

Sarajevo,_nábřeží,_tramvajIn a full tram at the train station in Sarajevo, a performance was carried out last night called “Tramvaj” under the production of the Association “Fercera”.

The play was directed by Senad Alihodžić, with text by Adnan Lugonić and co-author Asja Krsmanović, and Irma Alimanović Alihodžić came up with the idea for the play.

The great cast played out everyday situations that take place on the trams in Sarajevo, which leave a thin line between observation and involvement, between private contemplation and violation of privacy.

The cast includes: Jasna Diklić, Izudin Bajrović, Aleksandar Seksan, Irma Alimanović Alihodžić, Mirna Kreso, Muhamed Hadžović, Damir Kustura, Sanjin Arnautović and Senad Alihodžić.

“While here we rarely have ambient performances or street performances, in European and global cities such performances are everyday. Sarajevo now has such a performance’’, said Senad Alihodžić.

In addition to scenes that include a diverse range of characters such as the smuggler, homeless person, single mother, pensioner with a son living abroad, auditors and others, passengers and viewers traveled to Skenderija on the tram and through narration of the driver became familiar with the city’s sights in a more ironic way.

The cast evoked laughter from the crowd, said in a statement of ‘Fercera’.

The play will also take place tonight, as well as 4th and 5th July, and tickets for this theatre performance on the tram are sold out, while proceeds will be given to humanitarian causes.

(Source: Fena)

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