The prehistorian Settlement of Butmir must become an Archaeological Park

Numerous archaeological organizations and associations have this week announced an initiative to build an archaeological park in the area of the settlement complex of Butmir, near Sarajevo.

This is an initiative that seeks to protect the Butmir culture, and all the sites and objects that have been found, which testify to the rich history of this part of BiH.

“The Butmir culture is present, it is still not completely excavated, and we are the first to find the settlement complex of Butmir culture. Austria-Hungary found material, ceramics and similar fragments, but did not pay attention to the floor, houses, hearths and their whole way of life,” said Adnan Kaljanac, a professor at the Department of Archeology at the Faculty of Philosophy in Sarajevo.

He added that the next step, after the project of archaeological prospecting and defining the archaeological potential, is an initiative to completely protect this site.

“We want this complete zone to be protected, so that it becomes a national monument. What is devastated, as archaeologists, we cannot return to its previous state, but what has been preserved should be part of the archaeological park. We know that there is material for its construction, flooring, houses, hearths, ceramics, tools, we will continue to stick with that suggestion to preserve what has survived,” added Kaljanac.

Today, Ilidza municipalities presented the results of archaeological research in the area of Butmir as well as the distribution of archaeological potentials at the locations of Bara, Agricultural Institute Ilidza and Thermal Riviera.

The numerous speakers and organizers of today’s presentation supported the initiative to build an archaeological park in the area of the prehistoric settlement Butmir and it is very clear that this is the next project.

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