Predrag Kojovic comments whether He will Support SNSD Candidate for Council of Ministers

After the meeting that took place on Tuesday, President of Our Party, Predrag Kojovic, said he supports BiH Presidency member Zeljko Komsic, who said he would not support the appointment of Zoran Telgeltija as BiH Council of Ministers chairman until the Annual National Program for NATO is not adopted.

“This is not about an individual name, in terms of who will be the person from the SNSD party as a chairman. Whoever is chosen, he must accept that NATO membership of Bosnia and Herzegovina is vital to BiH, even more vital than the European integration processes, and we will certainly not raise our hands for the man who does not accept the decisions already made and the commitment to become part of the military organization which will guarantees the borders of BiH in its present form, “Kojovic said.

Komšić had earlier stated that his condition for supporting the appointment of Zoran Tegeltija from SNSD party for BiH Council of Ministers Chairman is for him to adopt the Annual National Program for NATO.

A meeting of the BH block was held in Sarajevo, where presidents of SDP, DF and Nasa Stranka, Nermin Niksic, Zeljko Komsic and Predrag Kojovic discussed the future operation of the block.

The Annual National Program for NATO is asked by the Alliance for Bosnia and Herzegovina as a new step in the country path to NATO membership.


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