Possible Rise in Retail Fuel Prices in the Federation of Bosnia-Herzegovina?


The Federal Ministry of Trade has not received new notices from oil and petroleum distributors about the rise in retail fuel prices in the Federation of BiH, Federal News Agency learns from the ministry.

The rise in world oil prices, as is well known, has been triggered by the crisis in the Middle East, and the Ministry did not want to forecast a possible rise in price in the coming period.

The oil price has increased more than 2 percent today, with the “brent” exceeding USD 70 a barrel, all of which comes after US President Donald Trump threatened to impose sanctions on Iraq if US troops were forcefully forced to leave that country.

WTI’s traded with US light crude oil at USD 64.39 a barrel, up by USD 1.34, or 2.1 percent compared to last Friday.

Oil prices have thus increased the gain recorded on Friday when they rose by more than three percent, after Iranian general, Qasem Soleimani, was killed in a US drone attack at an Iraqi airport, SeeBiz reports.

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