Positive Story: Single Mother of Three will have the New House

A single mother, Semina Softic from Kozarac, lost her husband during her last pregnancy. Husband Elvir accidentally lost his life, and the care of two girls, Sajra and Ajla, was continued by Semina’s mother. Shortly afterwards, a son, Elvir, was born, Klix.ba writes.

Semina spends her days in a very dilapidated house with other family members. She sought help to provide a roof over her head for her children. She also appealed to the Federal Ministry of Displaced Persons and Refugees.

“I shared my destiny with my neighbor Anita, we were looking for a way to get to a safe home. The children are growing up. They are healthy, thank God. We sent a request to the Ministry and waited for an answer,” Semina said.

Shortly after her request, the response of the Minister of Displaced Persons and Refugees, Edin Ramic, followed. “I read the request that came to our address. I have to admit that I was very struck and saddened by the story of the Softic family. We immediately collected the necessary documentation and approved all the material for one typical family house. We are happy to see the foundations, a new home and a new life for the Softic family, “he said.

Neighbors also came out to help Semina and her children.

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