Positive Story: Man paid all delayed Debts in Local Pharmacy in BiH

A man whose identity is not known to public, paid off all the debts of citizens who bought the medicines on delayed payment, in the “Adonis” pharmacy in Kalesija.

The man came up early in “Adonis” pharmacy, and the day after, he paid the citizens’ debts in full, Klix.ba news portal reports.

“We were really surprised by the gesture because there are rare situations when someone is offering to pay off the debts. The man came over and told us to call him when we finish the calculations. We called him yesterday morning and he paid debts until the last Bosnian marka,” was stated from the pharmacy “Adonis”.

Due to the difficult economic situation in which residents of Kalesija are in, this pharmacy has enabled the purchase of medicines with delayed payment. Mainly pensioners whose minimum monthly pensions are insufficient to cover all costs are the ones who buy the most.

“We hope that the situation in the country will be better so that people will not have to borrow for the medication. The situation is such that more and more patients are coming and taking the medication in this way, “was stated from this pharmacy.

Employees of this pharmacy are most vulnerable to situations where parents have no money to buy syrup for their child who is ill.

Employees of the pharmacy say that it happened many times that they pay medicines or that the pharmacy takes the costs.

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