Positive Story: Group of Bosnians donates extra Food to the Poor

A Facebook website “Extra Plate” is aimed at donating food that is left after some large events, such as Iftar dinners, weddings, conferences, promotions, and others, to those who need a meal (old people, multi-member families, students, refugees etc.).

Volunteers of the website “Extra Plate” come to the location to pick up the leftover food in a short period of time, and they are taking it directly to people in need. The food is often taken to a safe house, migrants and certain families in need.

“We came up with this idea after a Facebook status of our colleague Nermina, who wrote about all this food that is left after Iftar dinners, weddings and other events. She came up with the idea to do something about it and to organize the collection of leftover food for the people in need.

Numerous people decided to support this idea,” organizers told Sarajevo Times.

“Religion or nation are not relevant, and we get all the information about the people who need help and their addresses from a group of volunteers from humanitarian organizations “Our Humanitarian Basket” and “Pomozi.ba”.

We are planning to continue this humanitarian action even after the month of Ramadan,” organizers said.

(Source: SarajevoTimes)


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