Positive Story: Planted Potatoes and donated Entire Yield to Soup Kitchen

potatoLocals from Cazin settlement Trzacka Platnica, especially its youth, live, work and act as a unique and inseparable tissue, and their social activities from the start are destined for success. The proof is jointly organized actions of planting and digging potatoes, whose entire yield was intended for soup kitchen Imaret in Bihac.

After they planted potatoes in the month of April that were planned to donate to charity , specifically a soup kitchen Imaret in Bihac, locals of Trzacka Platnica yesterday reaped the fruits of their noble work and effort.

President of the youth organization Trzacka Platnica Asmir Hatic, who is the initiator of the campaign, said that they proposed the idea to locals, and that it was enthusiastically accepted by everyone.

“There was a lot of work, from planting, spraying to eventually digging of potatoes, but when there is unity, there is no obstacle that cannot be solved. We had a yield of 660 kilograms, or 22 sacks of potatoes. I want to thank to all of our residents on the good will and persistence to start and ultimately finish this kind gesture, which I hope will become a tradition,” said Hatic.

He added that the whole campaign was realized with the help of residents of Trzacka Platnica, from the oldest to the youngest one, some of them donated money, some of them donated seed for potato, while some of them physically helped to complete this action.

Moreover, residents of this neighborhood, although few in number, carried out many social and useful actions so far, such as various forms of assistance to vulnerable families, Ramadan packages, clearing the riverbed, construction of bus stops, fountains, picnic areas, and they gathered truck of goods for the most vulnerable population during the floods.

“All we want is to give our modest contribution to our community and encourage everyone else to do similar or even better things than us,” says Hatic, adding that if someone wants to cooperate with their associations, or locals, their door are wide open.

(Source: M. C./Klix.ba)

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