Positive Story: Bosnian found a Bag full of Money and returned it to its Owner

Ante Papic, a plasterer from the settlement of Sarajlije near Tomislavgrad, went to work yesterday as he usually does, but that day was not usual at all.

“While driving on detour road around Tomislavgrad, I noticed a black bag of medium size thrown in the field, not far from the gas station, right next to the road. I thought that someone probably threw it, but I wanted to check it just to be sure. I came back, looked at the almost new bag, opened it, and found some personal documents, papers, white envelopes, and money. I was not thinking even for a moment. I just closed the bag and went straight to the police station, where I found Drago Papic and Ivan Perkovic. All three of us checked the content of the bag together, counted the money, and we found business cards and personal documents as well. I went to work and they started calling the owner,” said Ante, who added that he always believed that there is no fortune in taking other people’s money.

He said that his colleagues were making jokes and told him that he could have good money by just lying around, not doing his job. He also added that he is not even thinking about any kind of prize, since he just returned what was not his.

Police officer Drago Papic from the village of Vedasici near Duvno said that he called the owner and asked him where he was and whether he had a black bag with money and documents. “He confirmed it and said that he was going on a holiday trip, and that he did not even notice that the bag was missing in the car. He was able to list everything that was in the bag, and he knew the exact amount of money, so there was no reason for any doubt. He was very happy when we told him that the bag is in the police station in Tomislavgrad and that all of his belongings are still in the bag. He came here, we handed over a bag, he thanked us and asked for the phone number of a person who found the bag to award him. He said that only few people would do such an honest thing nowadays, especially if the money was literally thrown in the field,” said the police officer.

The owner of the bag is a business man – a manager from Zenica, whose initials are A.K.

Police officer Papic added that the owner of the money witnessed that if you do good, good will be done to you too, because he found someone else’s money and returned it twice before.

(Source: fokus.ba)




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