Which was the most popular Brand of Cars in 2016?

carsAccording to data from BIHAMK, Volkswagen was the most popular brand of new cars in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

10,653 new motor vehicles were registered in BiH in 2016., of which 8,308 are in category of new passenger cars or 78 percent.

Of the total number of registered motor vehicles in BiH, 0.84 percent are in category of new vehicles purchased by legal persons.

Observing the participation of certain brands of new passenger motor vehicles roads in BiH, last year’s best-selling brand was Volkswagen, which makes 1,536 or 18.49 percent of the total number of sold new cars.

On second place, behind the German manufacturer, there is Skola with 1,249 or 15.03 per cent of vehicles sold, Opel (third place) with 838 vehicles sold, or 10.09 percent of the total sales of new passenger vehicles.

On fourth place is Renault with 601 sold vehicles then Dacia on fifth with 456, Citroen on sixth with 419 sold cars, Toyota seventh with 412 sold cars and Peugeot eighth with 396 sold vehicles.

The rest of the car brand and the sales of vehicles can be seen in the table below:

9. Hyundai – 376
10. Audi – 260
11. Mercedes – 259
12. Fiat – 236
13. BMW – 204
14. SEAT – 178
15. KIA – 127
16. Volvo – 90
17. Nissan – 88
18. Lada – 83
19. Porsche – 52
20. Mazda – 30

Other car brands make up 5.03 percent of the total number of newly purchased vehicles and those are: Mitsubishi, Lexus, Honda, Fiat, Jeep, Mini and others.

(Source: klix)

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