Pope Francis receives BiH’s Jerseys

pope francis jersey BiHThe first assistant of the coach of the Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) football team Dragan Peric, handed two jerseys to Pope Francis today, one of a representative team and the other of Football Club Zrinjski.

“It is my great pleasure and honor to be here present near the Pope, and I am particularly pleased to have the opportunity to deliver him the jerseys of BiH and Zrinjski champions with his name,” says Peric.

Peric points out that Pope has reacted very positively to this gesture, just like his counterparts who welcomed the BiH delegation.

“I am surprised by the enthusiasm of Papa’s co-workers who talk about BiH’s players who make a great contribution to the Italian championship in football, and they say how great people and players they are,” said Peric.

(Source: fena)

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