PM of Canton Sarajevo submitted his irrevocable Resignation

The Prime Minister of the Sarajevo Canton, Mario Nenadic, submitted his irrevocable resignation today, which brought down the Government of the Sarajevo Canton, BHRT writes.

As Zvonko Maric, president of the SBB Club in the Sarajevo Canton Assembly, confirmed for Anadolu Agency (AA), Nenadic was ready to resign even earlier, given that a new parliamentary majority was expected, but also that his health was seriously impaired.

“Nenadic wanted to resign before the election, but we advised him not to do so, because that would not be an appropriate move. He would seem to be withdrawing from some fear. We advised him to decide on that after the election, which he did, “Maric said.

He says that Nenadic informed him about his resignation and that, accordingly, there is no need to vote on the recall of the Sarajevo Canton Government at the session of the Sarajevo Canton Assembly on November 23.

“With the resignation of the prime minister, the entire government has resigned. And there is no need to vote on recall, “Maric pointed out.

He stated that SBB does not see itself in the new Government of Sarajevo Canton, which will be formed by representatives of the “four” with independent representatives.

This means that Mirza Celik from the SDA will be removed from the position of chairman.

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