What Plans have been made for Bentbaša in Sarajevo?

bentbasa_oblacno_miljacka_zima_jesen_rsaGovernment of the Sarajevo Canton yesterday defined the draft law on declaration of protected landscape Bentbaša. Since this is a five-category complex, the final decision on its protection will be reached by the Assembly of the Sarajevo Canton.

The Ministry of Physical Planning, Construction and Environmental Protection highlighted that this entire process was launched six years ago. In the expert elaboration it was defined that the area of Bentbaša is characterized with high degree of biological (flora and fauna), geo-morphological and hydrological diversities, as well as cultural-historical values. For example, 70 different habitats have been defined, high degree of endemism of plants, and that is why this area can be defined as “endemic center”. Due to high degree of endemism and the number of relics, this area is one of the wealthiest areas at the territory of Bosnian-Herzegovinian Dinarides.

Also, they registered a significant geo-morphological diversity, consisting of the valley of Miljacka, cave Toplik and cave under Šehova Korija, cliffs and plateau Jekovica with a cave, Babin Zub and steep slopes of typically karts terrain under the White Fortress, Orlovo Krilo, part of the confluence and valley of Mošćanica and so on. In addition, the area is abundant with hydrological diversity, such as the basin of Miljacka, basin of Mošćanica, Abu Hajat spring near Šehova Korija and others. Also registered are cultural-historical values such as Kozija Ćuprija and Šehova Korija.

By obtaining all consents and harmonizing the legal frameworks, conditions have been created for the protection of the Bentbaša landscape, in addition to already declared monuments of nature the Bosna Springs and Skakavac Waterfall and two other protected landscapes Bijambare and Trebević. Therefore, surface of protected zones at the territory of the Sarajevo Canton is estimated to around 3.000 hectares.

Protected landscape Bentbaša would be a protected zone intended for conservation of landscape and recreation, with basic aims: maintenance of harmonious interactions of nature and culture through protection of landscape and traditional use of land, preservation and non-disturbance of habitats, ecosystems and species, maintenance of genetic resources in dynamic state and developmental state, maintenance of defined ecological processes, preservation of characteristics of landscape order, preservation of samples from natural environment for scientific purposes, environmental monitoring, minimization of disturbances through careful planning and research and other approved activities, as well as the limitation of access to the public; elimination and prevention of exploitation and visits which might lead to the changes and damage of nature.

“The protection of Bentbaša closes one green circle from the viewpoint of preservation of primarily forest resources which have immeasurable function in terms of preservation of air. All ecosystems in that area have different functions, from the purification of water to reduction of negative influences of noise. In addition, the entire area will certainly be a valuable resource in terms of development of tourist potentials, recreation zones, cultural contents and economic activities,” stated the Press Office of the Government of Sarajevo Canton.

(Source: radiosarajevo.ba)

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