Patients in Bosnia are lying in the Corridors of the Hospital, Help is needed

The Gorazde Cantonal Hospital sent alarming appeals to the Crisis Staff of the Ministry of Health of the Bosnian-Podrinje Canton (BPC) of Gorazde to urgently mobilize medical staff for the needs of the isolation wards in the Student Home because the Covid hospital department was overcrowded and the patients were lying in the corridors.

“We have to start hospitalizing patients in that facility, but the hospital is not able to do it alone, we don’t have more space, people are lying in the corridors, ” said Prim. dr. Aldijana Begovic, Assistant Director for Medical Affairs.

She warned that it is urgent to start hospitalizing patients in the isolation ward outside the hospital which would move to the Student Home.

“I proposed to mobilize medical staff from other health institutions in some way and to form mixed teams in order for it to function,” Begovic emphasized.

Due to the shortage on the market, the supply of oxygen and other medicines necessary for Covid patients also represents an issue.

“Almost every day we consume a few bottles of oxygen, today we had to look for 12 more extra bottles, tomorrow there is a regular shipment of 48 bottles, and there will be a problem since there are not many medicines on the market and we are struggling with that. Ampullary medications for patients, like Clexane, were supposed to arrive on Friday, but it was not any left, so we managed, we bought medicines at pharmacies, we all had to do our best, ” Begovic stated yesterday.

The Cantonal Hospital expects an urgent reaction from the Cantonal Crisis Staff when it comes to mobilizing medical staff for the needs of the isolation ward which would be moved from the hospital to the Student Home.

In this institution, they also point out that with the funds approved by the Health Insurance Institute, they managed to secure the engagement of a pulmonologist from Foca twice a week for consultative examinations, but the lack of staff and medical staff still represents a problem.

Also, the situation in BPC Gorazde which is getting more alarming, where close to 371 people infected with coronavirus are situated at this moment, was pointed out during the meeting with the Prime Minister of the FBiH Government, Fadil Novalic.

“The situation is very difficult, and the great problem is the lack of medical staff, so we appeal to other cantons if they can help us, especially to pulmonologists. We asked for help from Republika Srpska (RS), and even from Serbia. There is not enough oxygen and we expect to run out of it soon. The situation is alarming, we need the help of the Federation and other cantons as well because this state in Gorazde can quickly escalate into an even more difficult situation. We also expect intervention assistance from the FBiH level that would allow our health facilities to supply with the most important means. When the vaccines arrive, I hope that we will be treated equally, and if possible even in a priviliged way, because here it is really necessary, ” as was appealed by BPC Gorazde, Klix.ba writes.


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