Passage of Highway near Ortijes Airport does not hinder NATO Integration of BiH

The Ministry of Defense of Bosnia and Herzegovina is not aware that the passage of the Vc corridor near the Ortijes airport in Mostar is hindering the NATO integration of our country. This was stated by this Ministry, when asked by Mirjana Marinković-Lepic, the representative of Our Party in the Parliament of BiH.

Among other things, Marinkovic-Lepic asked whether the passage of Corridor VC through the Ortijes military airport endangers, that is, weakens the defense power of BiH and hinders the NATO integration of our country.

The Ministry replied that, according to the report of the Joint Staff, the needs of the BiH Armed Forces for the use of part of the airport were identified, with already active use for civilian purposes and the functioning of Mostar Airport with services such as the BiH Border Police or customs control.

Registration of Dubrava, Mahovljan and Ortijes

"Furthermore, the BiH Ministry of Defense is not aware that the passage of Corridor 5C next to the airport is hindering BiH's NATO integration. Dubrave, Mahovljani and Ortiješ, but there is a completely different context of action in relation to the parliamentary question, "explained the Ministry of Defense of BiH.
The Ministry of Defense of BiH, as they explained, on this issue issued consent to the FBiH Motorways for the preliminary procedure for the construction of the highway on Corridor Vc, section Buna-Počitelj, subsection Mostar south-Buna (Stanojevići) and approvals for parts of cadastral parcels that are not included in the land Ortijes airport, but are listed as SSNO.

The route does not intersect the parts of the airport that are in operation
They stated that through the given consent, the Real Estate Service of the City of Mostar was sent to address the Attorney General's Office of BiH, in order for it to confirm or reject the consent, as a legal representative of immovable property owned by BiH.

"It is important to note that the scope of the airport is also in function for the civilian needs of JP Airport Mostar, and that the route of Corridor Vc does not intersect the capacity of the airport in operation. from the Ministry.
They added that the administrative dispute for the expropriation of a part of the plots within the scope of Ortiješ airport is still ongoing, Klix.ba writes.

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