Participants of London River of Music Festival in BiH

amira medunjaniTen participants of London River of Music Festival will present themselves to BiH press this Saturday, 29 June in Bosnian Cultural Centre, reports Fena.

They’ll come to BiH on the call of Amira Medunjanin and Sarajevo Sevdah Fest.

London River of Music Festival was held in London before the Olympic Games in 2012, and ten musicians from SE Europe participated.

BiH sevdalinka singer Amira Medunjanin blended ten different traditional genres and united them in the song ‘Reka’.

The River of Music Festival was an amazing event that was held on several places in London from 21 to 22 July, one week before the Olympics and representatives of 205 countries participated at the festival, each presenting their own country and music tradition.

Balkan River of Music consists of Amira Medunjanin- singer from BiH, Edris Kraja- percussionist from Albania, Vladimir Karparov, saxophone player from Bulgaria, Predrag Janković – accordion player from Montenegro, Dimitris Christidis – drums player from Greece, Zoran Ščekić, guitar player from Croatia, Stefče Stojkovski – bagpipes player from Macedonia, Nicolas Simion- sax player from Romania, Nenad Vasilić- double bass player from Serbia and Kaan Icli – oud player from Turkey.

Balkan River of Music confirmed that music is universal and Sarajevo Sevdah Fest wants to spread that message to all citizens of BiH.

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