The Parliament of FBiH to decide on how to spend Millions of USD paid by Russia

The Russian Federation paid a clearing debt in the amount of 125.1 million USD to Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Federation of BiH received 58 % or a total of 72.591.543 USD, Republika Srpska received 29 % or 36.295.771 USD, institutions of BiH received 10 % or 12.515.783 USD and Brcko District received 3 % or 3.754,735 USD.

The RS is planning to spend part of that money on incentives for agricultural producers, while the Government of FBiH is planning to spend that money on infrastructure projects. However, until the possible budget rebalances for 2016 or the new budget for the next year, this money will not be used for that purpose.

That was confirmed by the Prime Minister of the FBiH Fadil Novalic, who said that “the Government of FBiH decided not to spend this money on some budget needs, but to invest in the fast-road Lasva-Travnik”.

“However, let us not forget that the final word has the Parliament of FBiH through a budget rebalance. That is the last word. We cannot say what the Parliament will decide, but we know what we will – we will propose that it goes on Lasva-Travnik,” stated Novalic.

If parliamentarians do not support it, the money will remain unused in the account of the FBiH.

(Source: faktor.ba)

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