Parents in Lipnje in BiH determined to demand for their Children to study Bosnian Language

A meeting between the parents of the students of the regional school, the OSCE representatives and the school principal was held today at the elementary school “Sveti Sava” Zvornik, Liplje regional department, and the reason is the disabling of learning the Bosnian language in the Liplje regional school.

“We were told that they had some decision or some trace from the RS Ministry of Education and the RS Pedagogical Institute that children could not be taught the Bosnian language, but the language of the Bosniak people. We have been asking for this paper for three years, At this meeting we agreed again, we gave the director 15 days to send us a copy of the decision on the basis of which he enrolls the children in the Bosniak language, and at each meeting he claims that our children have the right to they are learning the Bosnian language, “said Hajrudin Okanovic, one of the parents who attended the meeting.

The children who go to the Liplje regional department will continue to attend classes until September 30, as the gathered parents said, by which time the written decision on the abolition of the Bosnian language in the schools of the Republika Srpska will be delivered to them.

The director of the elementary school “Sveti Sava” in Zvornik did not want to speak to the media. Invited officials from the state of Bosnia and Herzegovina did not attend the meeting.

Parents claim that the problem has been going on since 2019.

“They always said they had that document, then we went on hunger strike, they brought us to the negotiating table. There we asked for that paper to go to the lawsuit, but that paper was not there and they wrote us the Bosnian language, the new director came and changed it into the Bosniak language, and as he says, they put pressure on him from the RS Ministry of Education that he had to, “said parent Muharem Sinanovic.

Parents believe in justice, which was also received by the parents of children from Konjevic Polje. If they do not receive an official decision by September 30, the children will not go to school again until they are allowed to study the Bosnian language.

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