Palmer: “Trump will not change Policy, we will defend the Integrity of BiH”

PalmerThe Director of the Office for South East Europe at the State Department Matthew Palmer said that he does not think that the US policy towards the Balkans will be different from the previous one.

According to him, the American politics is based on American interests and values that do not change with every change of administration.

Palmer said for the Belgrade Politika that he never noticed at any US officials anything like the idea that appeared in the local regional public about the possibility of an agreement between US President Donald Trump and President of Russia Vladimir Putin, by which the United States denied the Balkans as its sphere of influence.

“Everything about these ideas sounds like speculative fiction. I do not believe that our policy will be any different from the present one, which includes a commitment of America to this region and helping the Balkans on the path of European integration,” said Palmer.

He said that the American goal in Europe is freedom and peace, which involves the integration of the Western Balkans in the European institutions.

Palmer added that the decision on the introduction of sanctions to the President of the RS Milorad Dodik is a response to his constant anti-Dayton activities and statements.

“The message behind this decision is, I think, clear and unequivocal, and that is that the United States will defend Dayton and Dayton institutions, as well as the integrity of BiH,” said Palmer.

(Source: slobodna-bosna.ba)

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