Paddy Ashdown: The Only Hope for BiH is Change of Generations

ashdownBiH needs fresh faces on the political scene and the change of generation on power is the only way to preserve the peace, said Paddy Ashdown, the former High Representative in BiH.

Ashdown is remembered in BiH as the most active HR. In the period from 2002 to 2006 when he performed this function, he imposed even 430 decisions through the Bonn powers, and he even fired 60 officials of the RS in one day. At one time, he was the leader of the Liberal democrats in the UK. Today, he is retired and often appears in the media to support his party.

“When it comes to the constant announcements of the referendum on the secession of the RS, everyone in this country and in the Balkans who want something like that should know that a referendum in BiH will not lead to a better situation, but worse. Dodik knows that the referendum is leading to the disintegration of BiH. However, that would be contrary to the Dayton Peace Agreement and would constitute a threat for peace in BiH. It would also prevent the only future for BH citizens in which they would live in peace and prosperity, and that is the future in the European Union and NATO,” said Ashdown.

“There is an unwritten rule for countries emerging from war. Sustainable peace can only be achieved if the generation that fought in the war leaves power, and a new generation comes to power. However, this is still not the case in BiH,” said Ashdown.

When asked whether the exit of the UK from the EU will influence BiH, Ashdown noted that this will not affect our country as a candidate for EU membership.

Ashdown added that he is missing BiH since he left office of the High Representative.

“My wife and I left a part of our hearts in BiH, which has great people. I think I’ll come in BiH after the New Year. All the best to everyone in BiH,” said Ashdown.

(Source: fokus.ba)

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