Over One Thousand People in Self-Isolation in Republika Srpska, all respected Measures


No person violated the measure of home isolation in Republika Srpska entity, is confirmed by the Ministry of Administration and Local Self-Government.

They state that 1,111 persons have been controlled by the communal police in the past 24 hours, who have pronounced this measure.

So far, 61,418 persons with pronounced measures of home isolation have been controlled in RS, and 264 have not complied with this measure.

The Ministry of Civil Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina announced on Wednesday that a total of 1,368 people in our country have been infected with the coronavirus.

Of these, 770 persons were infected in the Federation of BiH, 580 in Republika Srpska and 18 in the Brcko District, Avaz news portal reports.

A total of 20,125 people were tested across the entire country (8,606 in RS and 11,196 in the FBiH, while 323 were tested in the Brcko District).

In our country, a total of 53 people have died of coronavirus, including 19 in Republika Srpska and 32 in the Federation of BiH. Also, two deaths were reported in the Brcko District.

In Bosnia and Herzegovina, 9,565 people are supervised, 3,809 in the RS and 5,120 in the Federation of BiH.

Also, 636 persons are under the supervision of Brcko.

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