Over One Million BAM allocated for Child Allowances in Republika Srpska

In the Republika Srpska entity, the payment of August allowances intended for 14,615 children, ie 9,895 parents who are beneficiaries of the child allowance, started today, it was confirmed from the Public Fund for Child Protection of the Republika Srpska.

1,178,075 BAM has been provided for this payment, the Fund announced. The maternity allowance covers 5,226 mothers and 2,116,530 KM has been set aside for the payment of this right. Based on the right to a refund of salary compensation during the use of maternity leave, 4,910,470 BAM were paid for August.

In August, 141 mothers for 121 third-born and 26 fourth-born children exercised the right to pronatality compensation for third-born and fourth-born children, and 84,300 BAM were provided for payment. A total of 194,750 BAM was set aside for the payment of the right to assistance for newborn equipment for 767 mothers, or 779 newborns.

The Fund for Child Protection continued with the payment of compensation for 515 parents-caregivers or caregivers, and 66,812 BAM was allocated for the payment.

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