Over Half a Million Employed Persons in Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina Entity


The total number of employees in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina until May this year per residence of the insured is 507,607, is stated by the Tax Administration of the Federation of BiH.

Published data on employed persons, as they explained, were created on the basis of forms that were processed to the last status and forwarded to the competent extra-budgetary funds.

The difference in the number of employees according to residence and place of work is based on the generation procedure and the type of data.

“The number of employees is based on the residence of the employee (JMBG) regardless of where the person is employed (in the municipality of residence or another municipality or in the same canton or another canton), and the number of employees by place of work or employer (JIB). It is generated according to the number of employees with the taxpayer, regardless of whether it is full-time or part-time, or where the employee resides (may be from the municipality where he is employed, but may be from another municipality or another canton), so is the difference in number for the value that corresponds to the number of persons who have two or more part-time jobs,”according to the Tax Administration of the Federation of BiH.


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