Over 17,000 People signed Petition for Free Medicines for Children suffering from Cancer

January 5, 2019 8:00 PM

An online petition asking for FBiH to introduce a law on free medicines for children suffering from malignant illness has so far been signed by more than 17,540 people.

The petition was launched a month ago, with an aim to enable free medication to children who have cancer who, now, do not have the right to free medicines that they need for treatment.

“Often, parents are not able to buy the needed medicines for their children due to financial reasons. Will we always seek money for the treatment of the smallest ones via SMS, and will always wait for their life to depend on the amount of money? We will ask from the FBiH Government to urgently enact the law on free medicines for children suffering from malignant illnesses, and for the financing of these medicines to come directly from the state budget. When money can be found for official travel of state officials, it can also be found for the treatment of our smallest citizens,” was stated in the petition.

Citizens who signed the petition say that this is the minimum that the state can provide to the parents of the children and that all children deserve the health and future.

 “If we have money for cars, we also have for medicaments ,” they said. You can sign up for petition here.




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