Our Party: It is a Shame that BiH is on the List for Humanitarian Aid in basic Foodstuffs

Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) has received humanitarian aid from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for basic foodstuffs, as was confirmed on Friday at a telephone session of the BiH Council of Ministers. Our Party (Nasa stranka) thinks that it is shameful.

At that session, it was decided that BiH would accept 2.280 packages of basic foodstuffs such as flour, sugar, rice, pasta, milk powder, lentils, etc.

“On that occasion, the Council of Ministers held a telephone session at which they made a decision to accept that assistance and informed the public about everything as if it were a success and not another disgrace to our state,” they stated from Our Party.

They asked the Council of Ministers, and especially Chairman Zoran Tegeltija and Minister of Foreign Affairs Bisera Turkovic:

“How did BiH find itself on the list of countries in need of humanitarian aid in basic foodstuffs such as we received during the war? Where did the perception of BiH as a country in need of this assistance come from? Was Minister Turkovic aware of that perception and what did she do to change it given that she had recently visited the UAE? “

The Ambassador of the UAE to Montenegro, who is also the Ambassador to BiH, told that the aid is intended for families in need during Ramadan.

“We consider it necessary for the public to be informed about the number of such families and for the state to provide them with the help they need. No one can say that BiH does not have the money to prevent famine. We ask the Council of Ministers to use humanitarian aid to help migrants, in order for us to save the dignity of the state and our citizens. We also ask the Minister of Foreign Affairs to do everything necessary to remove BiH from the list for humanitarian food aid, ” they said, Klix.ba writes.


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