OSCE Mission to B&H Deputy Head: OSCE Wishes to Promote Concept of Comprehensive Security

OSCE_SuomalainenSecurity sector reform in B&H is the topic of the three-day advanced course that began today in Ilidža near Sarajevo, organized by the OSCE Mission to B&H and in cooperation with the Joint Staff of the B&H Armed Forces and the Center for Security Studies (CSS).

This event gathered representatives of ministries and agencies at the state and entity level and representatives of Brčko District, civil society and international organizations.

Deputy Head of the OSCE Mission Nina Suomalainen told reporters that the OSCE Mission has long supported cooperation in the security sector reform, capitalizing on this cooperation between various sectors.

‘’The OSCE wishes to promote the concept of comprehensive security, which is the basis of security in most OSCE member countries. This means that security is not only an army or police, but for civil society actors to work together with the military or law enforcement agencies’’, said Suomalainen.

(Source: Fena: Photo: Facebook)

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