Online Course From Public Procurement in B&H Developed

on lineAs part of the project “Training in the Area of Public Procurement in Western Balkan Countries and Turkey”, financed by the EU, an online course has been developed from public procurement on the topic “Essential Characteristics of Public Procurement in B&H-With A Review of the Rights of Public Procurement of the EU”.

Director of the B&H Public Procurement Agency Đinita Fočo said to Fena Agency that the mentioned project lasted two years and B&H received 25 new trainers in the area of public procurement that would conduct training through seminars, communications with contracting authorities, and the like.

“The online course represents a major step forward in education of people for public procurement in contracting bodies and upgrading electronic tools that is developed by the Agency of Public Procurement of B&H with the support of GIZ and the European Commission’’, said Fočo.

The online course is intended for wide audiences-state officials that work on public procurement, employees in public and private sector, and all people and companies that have an interest for public procurement.

The course consists of written materials, namely seven modules that participants have to read, and after every module they can access the knowledge test for that segment of the course.

After a reading of the material, participants have a final evaluation that consists of 21 questions.

If they meet the required minimum (75 percent right answers), they could print a certificate for successful completion of the online course.

In case they do not pass the final test, participants could retake the reading material and repeat the final assessment.

The online course offers the opportunity to acquire basic knowledge from the area of public procurement in B&H, and is an additional way of training of interested participants that is simple, free and available to all.

(Source: Fena)

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