One Tonne of Salt banned from Import in BiH

Bosnia and Herzegovina’s (BiH’s) sanitary inspection ordered a laboratory analysis of a shipment of ground iodized table salt originating in Croatia during the regular sanitary inspection at the Izacic border crossing.

The Federal Sanitary Inspectorate has banned the importation of large-scale iodized table salt from Croatia because of the lower value of potassium iodate.

At the Izacic border crossing, the Sanitary Inspectorate, during a regular sanitary inspection at import, ordered a laboratory analysis of a shipment of coarse-ground iodized table salt originating from Croatia.

Based on the findings of the first analysis and subsequently requested superanalysis, it was determined that the composition of the salt did not comply with the provisions.

The importation of a controlled shipment of 960 kilograms of sea salt was therefore prohibited and ordered to be returned to the sender.

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