One of the Richest Rulers in the World visiting BiH

emirOn Saturday, new Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, one of the youngest and richest rulers in the world, came in an official two-day visit to BiH. This was the first visit to the young Sheikh (35) to BiH since he took over the throne in 2013 from his father Hamad, who abdicated in favor of his son.

According to data of the International Monetary Fund, a total of 950,000 citizens of Qatar this year past Luxembourgers by their richness. Residents of Qatar enjoy a GDP of 102,000 USD per capita, which is currently the largest GDP “per capita” in the entire world.

There is a common belief that Qatar is living from exports of oil and gas, but this is only partially true. Apart from export of oil and gas, Qatar is one and the largest exporter of capital in the world. National Investment Fund (Qatar Investment Authority -QIA), is headed by Sheikh Tamim, and they invest tens of billions of USD each year by targeting the most profitable sectors and companies in the world, especially in the United States, Europe (Britain, France and Germany) and Asia, especially in China. QIA has equity capital in 250 multinational companies (Royal Dutch Shell, Volkswagen Group, Porsche, Hochtief, Total, EADS, Technip, Air Liquide, Vinci SA, GDF Suez, Veolia, Vivendi, Royal Monceau, France Telecom etc.) as well as in several leading banks of the world, such as the British Barclays Bank.

Father of Emir Tamim, Hamad, installed one of the leading television of the world, Al Jazeera International, and the Tamim’s investment portfolio expanded to the sports: he initiated the purchase of the leading football club in France, Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), and the purchase of shares in leading information technology companies and highly propulsive and profitable entertainment industry.

Young Emir Tamim was educated in Europe, he attended the English Harrow (rival to Eton) and British military academy Sandhurst (the counterpart to the American West Point).

Emir of Qatar Tamim is active in the world of sports as well. He is a member of the International Olympic Committee and the President of the local Qatari Olympic Committee. Qatar was assigned to organize the World Cup in 2022, the first such case in the Middle East, thanks to Emir Tamim.

Sheikh Tamim is descendant of the royal line Al-Thani, which rules the politics of Qatar for the last 150 years.


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