One Person who expressed Racist and Anti-Semitic Views arrested in Sarajevo

Acting on an order of a prosecutor from the Terrorism Section of the Prosecutor’s Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina, with an order of the Court of BiH, SIPA police officers are carrying out searches at a location in the Sarajevo area.

Searches are being carried out within the case conducted against a suspect for public incitement to terrorist activities (Article 202a of the Criminal Code of BiH), in conjunction with the criminal offense of terrorism (Article 201 of the CC BiH).

Investigative actions conducted by the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH and SIPA showed that the suspect, on several occasions, through various Internet services and communication channels, expressed his racist and anti-Semitic views and sent threats to US citizens.

In the interest of the investigation, the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH cannot provide more information to the public at this time.

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