One Person died in Jablanica while being trapped in Traffic due to Heavy Snow

One person died on Tuesday evening due to several hours long retentions over heavy snow in Bosnia and Herzegovina’s (BiH’s) city of Donja Jablanica, 85 kilometers southwest of the capital Sarajevo.

The local emergency service was informed that one person was in semi-conscious state in the car, after which he was brought to Health Center Jablanica, without giving signs of life.

“Seventy-three years old man died, we can only say that it is a natural death. He was transferred to the mortuary,” Ljudevit Maric, spokesman of Interior Ministry of Herzegovina-Neretva Canton confirmed to Klix.ba news portal.

Due to heavy snowfall that started at 2 pm local time in Donja Jablanica, there were several car accidents and several freight vehicles were stuck, causing kilometers long columns and 7 hours retentions.

A large number of passengers complained they were left without fuel, food and drinks, saying there were children and ill people in the cars.

Earlier in January, BiH Automoto Club (BIHAMK) warned that, due to snow and ice, driving is difficult on the majority of roads in BiH, and especially in the mountainous roads. Drivers are advised to drive with maximum caution and not go on a journey without winter equipment, which is legally required for all categories of vehicles.

(Source: Sarajevo Times, Klix, photo: Avaz)

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