One Coronavirus Positive Person escaped Clinic for Infectious Diseases in Banja Luka


A person of D.D. initials from Banja Luka, who had coronavirus confirmed, escaped today from the Clinic for Infectious Diseases in the center of Banja Luka, and the police subsequently located him and returned him to the hospital.

Namely, this morning at around 10 o’clock, the dispatcher of the Emergency Medical Service reported to the competent police station that D.D. had escaped from the Clinic where he was receiving treatment.  Police officers located the reported person at a residential address in Banja Luka, and he was transported back to the Clinic for Infectious Diseases by employees of the Hygienic and Epidemiological Service.

“The duty prosecutor of the Banja Luka District Public Prosecutor’s Office was informed about everything, who stated that it was a criminal offense of transmitting a contagious disease and failing to comply with health regulations during the epidemic, and that a report should be submitted against DD in a regular procedure,” the Police Administration said.

A similar incident happened at the end of March when a mother and son who lived in Banja Luka.


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