Oldest Gold Items in BiH found in the Village of Drinovci

Two specimens of ornamental items made of gold have been found in the prehistoric grave within the protective archaeological research of prehistoric stone pile in the village Drinovci near Grude.

According to the typological-stylistic characteristics of these items and the contextual data within which they were discovered, it can be said that these items belong to the early Bronze Age. They are the earliest known gold objects discovered in the area of BiH, as noted from the Department of Archaeology at the Faculty of Philosophy at the University of Mostar.

Three prehistoric graves with typical architecture in the form of stone chests were discovered, as well as two smaller, medieval graves that were discovered in the corpse.

Furthermore, the outer part of the pile is marked with a stone wreath, which also has a spiritual component in this type of archaeological sites, and not just the physical one.

Stone piles represent the most prominent archaeological phenomenon in the area of Herzegovina, and a small number of them have been systematically examined so far.

In general, piles or tumulus are a result of complex social, communication and ideological processes. In archaeological context, these piles mostly represent sites related to the domain of the cult of the dead, i.e. a characteristic grave monument.

(Source: klix.ba)

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