An old Man from Banja Luka wants to find a new Love in 2018

There was a three-day celebration in Banja Luka. After two nights of having fun, Banja Luka citizens made a short break till last night. They were entertained by Toni Cetinski and Dzenan Loncarevic at Krajina Square. The police said they did not have much work, major incidents were not reported.

“May we be alive and healthy for another hundred years,” thousands of Banja Luka citizens and tourists at Krajina Square wished in the first seconds of 2018.

And there were those who, along with the performances of Nikola Rokvic and Lexington band, wanted to find a new love or return their lost one.

“If I find some woman I’m taking her home right away. (We wish you luck in finding a woman). Thanks. I called her twice, but she doesn’t return my calls. Probably she is mad.”

Others tried out luck.

“We have played a lottery now. (And is there a luck in New Year’s Eve.) No.”

It was a great atmosphere in New Year’s Eve, but even during the last December day, it was fun.

On the first night of 2018, a boy was born in Banja Luka.

New Year Holidays in Banja Luka were celebrated by nearly 5.000 tourists, but there is also a diaspora. Most people who live and work abroad welcomed holidays in their hometown.

The entrance in 2018 was also celebrated last night, with the concerts of Dzenan Loncarevic and Toni Cetinski.


(Source: ba.n1info.com)

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