Does the OHR support Peace and Stability or Dodik’s Destruction?

ohrDuring the official visit to Gacko, Vice-President of Republika Srpska Ramiz Salkić strongly condemned the hate speech by the President of RS Milorad Dodik towards the Bosniaks. 

Speaking about the announced referendum, Salkić says that Dodik expressed the most serious threats so far, saying that Bosniaks, if they want to live in that entity, must vote on the referendum announced by the RS authorities. 

Salkić believes that it is his duty as the Vice-President of the entity and the man who got the biggest support of Bosniaks in that BiH entity to notify the public that in this moment the RS authorities “are implementing a secret and very well-synchronized action of confiscating the hunting ground from Bosniaks”. 

“By losing their hunting grounds, which are successively being shut down by the authorities precisely in areas inhabited by Bosniaks, the Bosniak population in those areas loses the right to hunting armament. At the same time, through hunters associations and security agencies, authorities allow the accelerated arming of Serbs. Radicalization in institutions and media in the RS has reached a critical level and can only be measured with that from 1992,” the entity Vice-President warned. 

The latest threats in which Dodik stated that Bosniaks who want to live in the RS must vote on the referendum on January 9 speak about the fact that Dodik has already entered the most serious stage of radicalization that can have disastrous consequences.

“We want to tell Milorad Dodik that Bosniaks are not afraid of him nor his threats and that we will not vote on the referendum. Bosniaks see January 9 as the day of evil, when the decision was reached for them to be persecuted from their homes, their villages and towns, to be killed…,” Salkić said. 

Salkić asks the High Representative for BiH if the Dayton Peace Accords is still valid in BiH. 

“If it does, then why the OHR, as the ultimate interpreter of Dayton, tolerates such a degree of hate, threat and worsening of the situation. OHR must assume responsibility for possible consequences of this radicalization. even the Serb politicians express fear that this policy led by the RS authorities will cause armed conflicts,” Salkić pointed out. 

Salkić said that in 1995 Bosniaks trusted the international community and resolutions of the UN, and they experienced the genocide in Srebrenica and Žepa. 

“Many people expect that under such threats and pressure, while trusting the Dayton Agreement, Bosniaks will again disappear from the RS. We tell the OHR and Milorad Dodik that through history Bosniaks learned a lot and that they will never leave their homes again,” Salkić said. 

In the interest of peace, stability and preservation of the Dayton Peace Accords, Salkić called the OHR to annul the decision on the referendum in the RS and thus avoid the possibility to become a hostage of Dodik’s policy. 

“At this moment, by supporting those who break the peace and cause international hate, the international community is facing the danger of repeating the mistakes that they made in BiH in the period from 1992 until 1995. Bosniaks are back in their homes and they want to leave there in peace and tolerance, building a stable society, with equal opportunities for all. That will always be our goal and our policy. We expect the international community to choose which policy to support – the policy of peace or the policy of destruction and destabilization,” Salkić concluded. 

(Source: vijesti.ba)

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