Official Information: New Regulation on Custom Duties on Shipments

After the Council of Ministers of BiH adopted the Decision on the conditions and procedure for the right on exemption from payment of import and export duties in February, the Decision was published in the Official Gazette of BiH on April 17, 2018, and its implementation started on Wednesday, April 25, 2018.

This decision, among other things, regulates the threshold for the exemption from payment of customs duties for shipments from abroad. According to the Decision, the goods of negligible value contained in a shipment from another country to the recipient in BiH is exempted from payment of import duties.

The goods of negligible value whose value amounted up to 50 BAM were exempt from the payment of import duties, but the new decision raised that value to 300 BAM. There will be no exemption from payment of import duties for alcoholic products, perfumes and toilet waters, as well as tobacco and tobacco products.

Moreover, non-commercial goods contained in a shipment sent by a physical person from another country to a physical person in BiH for free will also be exempt from the payment of import duties. Shipments of unconventional character are temporary shipments that contain goods intended for personal use or for the use of household members.

The exemption from payment of import duties will be applied on goods whose value amounts to up to 90 BAM per shipment, and whose value includes the value of goods, including tobacco and tobacco products, alcoholic products and perfumes.

(Source: fokus.ba)




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