An Officer from BiH whose Name is on the Wall of Fame in Fort Benning

August 31, 2017 11:30 AM

Aldin Bajrovic, the lieutenant of the Armed Forces, of BiH, is an example of the officer who achieved the best results with his commitment and persistence, in numerous training and exercises over three years of his military service.

He graduated from the Faculty of Criminology and Security Studies in Sarajevo in 2013, and he enrolled in the first public competition for the reception of the officer in the Armed Forces of BiH, and today he has his name on the Wall of Fame in Fort Benning.

He said that he worked very hard to make his maximum and that he does not think that he was better than the others but he just wanted to learn more.

He finished as the best from the class of officers that were trained in BiH, and he participated in a variety of training in BiH and abroad, including a very demanding training in Georgia, the USA.

“It is very difficult to make a comparison between training in BiH and the USA because the material and technical resources are not a problem to them at all, and we are limited. America is the largest military force in the world, and in Georgia, you can see a hundred of tanks, a helicopter… I’ve never seen it before and there you can see it regularly used in the training. It is unrealistic to compare yourself with the greatest military force. It is important that we took the doctrine from the US,” said Bajrovic.

The name of Aldin Bajrovic is among the 134 names on the Wall of Fame in Fort Benning, and he said that he is happy that some people think that things that you achieved are actually worth something.

(Source: N1)


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