Obama: FBI Investigation should not be based on leaked E-mails

b_161102130Barrack Obama criticized the FBI because of the way in which they disclosed the launching of a new investigation related to the leaking of e-mails of Hillary Clinton from her private server.

Precisely this scandal shook the presidential elections in the USA prior to the end of the race. Polls show that popularity of Hillary Clinton dropped significantly since the director of the FBI published the information that they are in possession of new private messages of the presidential candidate.

However, Obama criticized the FBI in his latest statements and said that there is actually nothing to be investigated and that the conclusions of the eventual investigations would not be legitimate.

“There is a norm: when there is an open investigation, nothing is done on the basis of allegations. Nothing is done on the basis of incomplete information, leaked information, we work exclusively on the basis of legitimate things,” Obama said.

James Comey, Director of the FBI, stated that it is still not certain whether the private messages found on the computer of Clinton’s assistant’s ex-husband are of any significance.

Obama emphasized that Hillary made a mistake when she used private servers for e-mailing while performing the duty of the Secretary of State.

“Day after day, voters are listening about this scandal and the only thing that remains is to ask themselves whether they should be concerned about her behavior, but I trust her completely,” Obama said.


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