Numerous Visitors at the Exhibition of Brian Eno, the Man who wrote “Miss Sarajevo”

June 15, 2018 11:00 AM

The exhibition “77 Million Paintings” was opened in the Historical Museum of BiH, which is the multimedia setting of a musician, producer and visual artist Brian Eno from the UK. This great artist wrote song “Miss Sarajevo” with U2 back in 1990’s.

Numerous visitors enjoyed this multimedia setting, which connects motionless sound with pictures that are moving. Brian Eno stated that his goal is to make people slow down and make them think, i.e. give them the opportunity to be what they really are.

The project “77 Million Paintings” was introduced in the year of 2006 in Tokyo for the first time, and later it was exhibited in London and Venice, as well as numerous European countries, Canada, the US, Mexico and Australia. Each setting was designed for current space of the exhibition, and thus we can see the elements of Sarajevo incorporated in the current setting in the Historical Museum of BiH, as well as the photos that Brian Eno made since he arrived here.

The exhibition “77 Million Paintings” represents the central cultural event this summer when it comes to visual arts in our region, and this unique cultural event was organized by the British Council and the Historical Museum of BiH in cooperation with their partners.

Moreover, Brian Eno will give a lecture that will be open to public, in the Historical Museum of BiH on June 14, at 5 p.m.





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