Number of Tourists and Overnight Stays increased in Canton Tuzla

A total of 100,000 overnight stays were registered in Tuzla Canton in the year of 2016, and that number in 2017 amounted to 114,000. The number of tourists was also increased, and it amounted to 46,000 last year.

“It is important to say that we have a steady increase when it comes to the number of foreign tourists, and the Tourist Board will continue to work on additional promotion and propaganda in 2018,” said the Director of the Tourist Board of TC, Miralem Meskovic.

Minister of Trade, Tourism and Transport of TC Mirsad Gluhic stated that this represents “an expansion of tourism in TC”.

“We should also mention the International Airport Tuzla, which has transported a total of 526,000 passengers. This definitely affects tourism as well. If we also take into consideration that there were 10,000 tourists in Tuzla on the New Year’s Eve, then it is evident that we have become a very attractive destination,” stated Gluhic.

Director of the Tourist Board of TC Miralem Meskovic also noted that all these activities managed to restore tourism and the sector of tourist-hospitality on the level of the recognised business branch.

Minister Gluhic noted that the Tourist Board of TC is successfully conducting activities that are related to the promotion of tourist potentials.

(Source: fokus.ba)








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