Number of Employees in Bosnia and Herzegovina decreased by almost Twenty Thousand!


Federal Minister of Labor and Social Policy Vesko Drljaca said on Wednesday that the complexity of the situation caused by the coronavirus pandemic directs the activities of the Government of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina primarily in terms of preserving the health of citizens.

He recalled that the Federal Government had received praise from the World Health Organization (WHO), which stressed that the Government had achieved good results with timely measures to stop the pandemic, but also to stabilize the economy. He noted that the Bill to mitigate the negative economic consequences of the pandemic to be considered by the Federal Parliament entails subsidies for mandatory insurance contributions, suspension of clearing and payment of default interest on public revenues, and interruptions of civil and non-contentious enforcement proceedings.

Drljaca pointed out that for the 422,800 pensioners, the Government of the Federation of BiH allocated 185 million BAM, and for 44,000 disabled persons 11.5 million BAM was allocated, while 2.1 million  BAM was allocated for 10,500 civilian victims of the war.

“Payments of pensions as well as benefits for social categories allocated from the budget will be timely paid regardless of the economic consequences of the pandemic,” Drljaca said clearly.

They are aware of the fact that, despite the measures adopted, a significant number of workers will lose their jobs, which is a matter that will need to be addressed as a matter of priority, and every effort is already being made to reduce the economic impact and to restore the FBiH to the economy.

According to the data of the Federal Tax Administration, from March 16th to the present day, 26,434 persons registered and 6,573 applications were registered, hence the number of employees in the Federation of BiH in this period decreased by 19,861.



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