Novalic-Milicevic: The Number of Infected is stagnant, Measures are yielding Results

Fadil Novalic, the Prime Minister of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FBiH), and Jelka Milicevic, the Deputy Prime Minister, held an online meeting yesterday with the Cantonal Prime Ministers to discuss the current situation and assess further action together.

After the Cantonal Prime Ministers presented data on the situation caused by the pandemic, they agreed that the number of infected, after growing for days, began to decrease and stagnate in the last two days, which was interpreted as a result of restriction measures, more precisely the fact that citizens understood the seriousness of the situation and contributed to it by their responsible behavior.

The lowest number of infected is still in Una-Sana Canton (USC), which Prime Minister Mustafa Ruznic considers as the result of the implementation of measures and the great engagement of police forces that help in that, stressing that a complete lockdown at this moment would have catastrophic consequences for the economy. The Prime Minister of Central Bosnia Canton (CBC), Tahir Lendo, also agreed that the measures are yielding results and said that they noticed that there were no infected people in the villages, unlike in the urban areas, which is why they reduced local transport to keep it that way.

Prime Minister Novalic offered all Prime Ministers assistance in the implementation of measures through the engagement of the Federal Police Administration and the Federal Inspection, and he made other resources of the Federation Government available to the cantons.

A new meeting has been scheduled for today at 2 p.m. The Prime Ministers will prepare the latest report on the current situation, as well as recommendations for further action. Also, it was agreed that joint meetings would continue to be held regularly once or twice a week in order to harmonize activities within FBiH and to help each other, all that with the aim of overcoming the difficult situation caused by the coronavirus pandemic, BHRT writes.

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