Novalic and Ramic visited the Memorial Complex of ‘the 25th of May’

Photo/Amer Kajmovic

Prime Minister of Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina Fadil Novalic and Minister of Displaced Persons and Refugees Edin Ramic visited yesterday the Memorial Complex of ‘the 25th of May’ Museum and the exhibit space of the site of Tito’s cave.

On this occasion, Novalic signed the book of visitors of the Museum, emphasizing that he was honored to visit this important historical site.

“This is a location of first-grade importance for every anti-fascist. My wish is that as many young people as possible come here and learn about the history of this location,” wrote Novalic in his comment.

During their visit, they talked with the mayors of Drvar, Glamoc and Bosansko Grahovo about the assistance of the FBiH Government in the implementation of infrastructure projects in these local communities.

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